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Always use the latest version to avoid any debugs.
Middle Earth Client
Middle Earth OTCv8
Custom client w/ Bot and Tibia 11 features
Middle Earth OTS - EU1
Normal tibia 10 client. Compatible with Magebot/Xenobot.
Full Maps
Map for Tibia Client 10.00
Installation Guide:
  • Close all Tibia clients.
  • Press " + R" and enter %appdata%\Tibia
  • Rename the Automap folder to Automap-backup, to save your old map just incase
  • Move the you just downloaded into the Tibia folder and extract the content
  • Make sure all of the files are inside: AppData\Roaming\Tibia\Automap
Download Map
Third Party Applications
Magebot 10.00
We do not offer any support with Magebot. This link is only here to help Magebot users find the right version for our client.
Download Magebot