To join the event you will need to be part of a guild.

The objective is to be in control of the Emperium when time is over! (check the video for more information)
The winning guild will receive 10% bonus experience as long as they own the castle (24 hours).
Everyday at 20:00:00.
(type !time in-game)
Recent WoE Winners
Guild Conquested by When
Cannabis Julla Apr 14, 2021
Canibals Kermj Apr 13, 2021
Canibals Kermj Apr 12, 2021
Cannabis Palq Apr 11, 2021
Ultra instinct Bombar Man Apr 10, 2021
Cannabis Palq Apr 09, 2021
Canibals Kermj Apr 08, 2021
Canibals Revazin Apr 07, 2021
Cannabis Corgi Apr 06, 2021
Canibals Kermj Apr 05, 2021