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The Character Market
The character market is a place where players can buy and sell characters.
There are two ways a character can be added to the market:
  1. The character can be added manually by the account holder.
  2. Characters that have not logged in for 90 days may be added automatically.

On Sale
# Character Info
Buy it
Kastarn 2308 RP Details 10,000 Login First
Manowar 1658 MS Details 600 Login First
Angry idiot 1248 RP Details 600 Login First
Burzurker 1018 RP Details 600 Login First
Zorsedez 894 EK Details 450 Login First
Lynx Girl 793 ED Details 450 Login First
Lynx 817 EK Details 450 Login First
Sterling 853 MS Details 450 Login First
Reyken Draguz 650 MS Details 300 Login First
Youf Kozak Yt 655 EK Details 269 Login First
Endor 396 ED Details 200 Login First
Bam Bax 525 EK Details 100 Login First
Paranormal 372 RP Details 30 Login First
Barca 329 RP Details 25 Login First