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Online since Saturday Feb 1st, 2018

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Basic Info
Level: 600 Vocation: Royal Paladin
Sex: male Relationship: Single
Residence: Roshamuul House: None
Guild: None Group: None
Created: November 18, 2018 Balance: 20,738,919
Account: VIP Account Status: Offline
[last seen 89 days ago]
Magic Fist Club Sword Axe Dist Shield Fish
33 28 10 10 10 136 117 10
Experience Overview
Date Exp
Best Day December 15, 2018 +126,716,895
Worst Day December 02, 2018 -8,700,674
Last Week -- 0
Last Month -- 0
Past 7 Days
Date Exp
Today 0
1 day ago 0
2 days ago 0
3 days ago 0
4 days ago 0
5 days ago 0
6 days ago 0
7 days ago 0
Grizzly Adam's Task Points: 0 Dreamers Challenge Quest
An Interest in Botany A Father's Burden
Against the Spider Cult Annihilator
Barbarian Test Behemoth
Blue Legs Black Knight
Children of the Revolution Demon Helmet
Demon Oak Elemental Spheres Quest
Ferumbras Ascension Fire Axe
Forgotten Knowledge Heart of Destruction
Hot Quisine In Service of Yalahar
Medusa Shield Quest Pits of Inferno
Postman Quest Sam's Old Backpack
Svargrond Arena: Greenhorn Svargrond Arena: Scrapper
Svargrond Arena: Warlord The Ancient Tombs
The Ape City The Hidden City of Beregar: Pythius the Rotten
The Ice Islands The Inquisition
The New Frontier The Queen of the Banshees
The Secret Service The Thieves Guild
The White Raven Monastery The Ultimate Booze
Unnatural Selection Wrath of the Emperor
Vampire Shield Quest Total Quest Completed: 23% (9/40)
Date Victim Type
Dec 4, 08:16 pm
108 days ago
He killed Matador at level 214. Most Damage
Nov 22, 08:54 pm
120 days ago
He killed Keldo at level 457. Participant
Date Description
Dec 11, 05:42 pm
101 days ago
died at level 531 by a fire devil, a ghoul, a demon skeleton, a demon, a crypt shambler, a fire elemental, a scorpion, an adept of the cult, an enlightened of the cult, a stone golem, a dragon lord, a pirate skeleton, an acolyte of the cult, a lavahole, a cobra, an elder bonelord, a pirate ghost, a ghost, a witch, Veriil, a skeleton, Sirmeliodas, a gazer, Ghostpants, Xirus and Cristhian Freyn
Dec 8, 05:09 pm
104 days ago
died at level 510 by a frazzlemaw, a guzzlemaw, a retching horror, a choking fear, a silencer and Prince Drazzak
Dec 8, 04:18 pm
104 days ago
died at level 504 by Gaz'Haragoth
Dec 2, 08:29 pm
110 days ago
died at level 478 by Gaz'Haragoth and King Luq
Nov 29, 10:34 pm
113 days ago
died at level 446 by a spark of destruction, a grim reaper, a destroyer, a demon, a hellhound, a dark torturer, a charged anomaly, a hellspawn and a rupture
Nov 29, 09:13 pm
113 days ago
died at level 440 by Ascending Ferumbras and an enthralled demon
Nov 29, 01:22 pm
113 days ago
died at level 416 by a lost time and a the time guardian
Nov 28, 07:47 pm
114 days ago
died at level 397 by an sparkion, a spark of destruction, a dread intruder, a foreshock, a reality reaver and a breach brood
Nov 26, 07:39 pm
116 days ago
died at level 363 by Hellflayer, Grimeleech and a plaguesmith
Nov 26, 07:37 pm
116 days ago
died at level 364 by a hideous fungus, a guilt, a humongous fungus, Tarbaz and a humorless fungus