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Middle Earth OTS - EU

Online since Saturday Feb 1st, 2018

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Basic Info
Level: 1005 Vocation: Royal Paladin
Sex: male Relationship: Single
Residence: Thais House: None
Guild: None Group: None
Created: February 9, 2019 Balance: 4,314,000
Account: VIP Account Status: Offline
[last seen 7 days ago]
Magic Fist Club Sword Axe Dist Shield Fish
42 37 10 10 10 139 125 10
Experience Overview
Date Exp
Best Day February 25, 2019 +350,930,553
Worst Day February 10, 2019 -384,018
Last Week -- 0
Last Month -- +1,331,044,766
Past 7 Days
Date Exp
Today 0
1 day ago 0
2 days ago 0
3 days ago 0
4 days ago 0
5 days ago 0
6 days ago 0
7 days ago 0
Grizzly Adam's Task Points: 20 Dreamers Challenge Quest
An Interest in Botany A Father's Burden
Against the Spider Cult Annihilator
Barbarian Test Behemoth
Blue Legs Black Knight
Children of the Revolution Demon Helmet
Demon Oak Elemental Spheres Quest
Ferumbras Ascension Fire Axe
Forgotten Knowledge Heart of Destruction
Hot Quisine In Service of Yalahar
Medusa Shield Quest Pits of Inferno
Postman Quest Sam's Old Backpack
Svargrond Arena: Greenhorn Svargrond Arena: Scrapper
Svargrond Arena: Warlord The Ancient Tombs
The Ape City The Hidden City of Beregar: Pythius the Rotten
The Ice Islands The Inquisition
The New Frontier The Queen of the Banshees
The Secret Service The Thieves Guild
The White Raven Monastery The Ultimate Booze
Unnatural Selection Wrath of the Emperor
Vampire Shield Quest Total Quest Completed: 20% (8/40)
Date Victim Type
Feb 22, 07:49 pm
25 days ago
He killed Wielki Stach at level 215. Participant
Feb 21, 09:17 pm
26 days ago
He killed Basuka at level 1005. Last Hit
Feb 16, 12:13 pm
31 days ago
He killed Wapster at level 443. Last Hit
Feb 14, 03:47 pm
33 days ago
He killed Napierdalam Dista at level 582. Last Hit
Feb 12, 01:46 pm
35 days ago
He killed Xlog Mas Flam at level 259. Most Damage
Jan 24, 10:00 pm
54 days ago
He killed Axel Freyn at level 118. Participant
Jan 5, 08:11 pm
73 days ago
He killed Nhya Hd at level 440. Participant
Jan 5, 07:53 pm
73 days ago
He killed Nhya Hd at level 441. Participant
Jan 5, 07:33 pm
73 days ago
He killed Eros Hd at level 397. Participant
Nov 4, 06:52 pm
135 days ago
He killed Ironblack at level 471. Participant
Oct 3, 03:07 pm
167 days ago
He killed Respirator at level 178. Participant
Sep 25, 11:59 pm
175 days ago
He killed Dildo Deutlin at level 119. Participant
Jul 22, 03:51 am
241 days ago
He killed Nobdribble at level 274. Participant
Mar 13, 09:55 pm
371 days ago
He killed Black at level 137. Participant
Mar 8, 07:14 pm
376 days ago
He killed Vegeta at level 153. Participant
Date Description
Feb 21, 06:10 pm
26 days ago
died at level 880 by a draken warmaster, Gaz'Haragoth and a draken spellweaver
Feb 18, 11:38 am
29 days ago
died at level 814 by a cave devourer, a deepworm, a snail slime, a diremaw, a tunnel tyrant, a high voltage elemental and The Count of the Core
Feb 17, 11:35 pm
30 days ago
died at level 802 by drillworm, a chasm spawn, an elder wyrm, a snail slime and The Count of the Core
Feb 17, 10:48 pm
30 days ago
died at level 798 by a spark of destruction and a outburst
Feb 16, 10:44 am
31 days ago
died at level 725 by a falcon knight, a falcon paladin and grand canon dominus
Feb 16, 09:38 am
31 days ago
died at level 721 by a falcon knight, a falcon paladin and grand commander soeren
Feb 15, 11:45 pm
32 days ago
died at level 722 by a greed, a charged disruption, a frenzy, a charged disruption, a world devourer and a spark of destruction
Feb 13, 02:02 pm
34 days ago
died at level 519 by vexclaw, a fire elemental, a demon, Grimeleech, a rage of mazoran, Zamulosh, Revazin, Hellflayer and a disgusting ooze
Feb 13, 08:14 am
34 days ago
died at level 505 by a hideous fungus, a frazzlemaw, a humorless fungus, a choking fear, a guzzlemaw, a humongous fungus, a retching horror and a silencer
Feb 13, 08:06 am
34 days ago
died at level 504 by a falcon knight, a falcon paladin and grand canon dominus