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Online since Saturday Feb 1st, 2018

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Basic Info
Level: 696 Vocation: Master Sorcerer
Sex: male Relationship: Single
Residence: Thais House: None
Guild: None Group: None
Created: January 5, 2019 Balance: 21,321,970
Account: VIP Account Status: Offline
[last seen 47 days ago]
Magic Fist Club Sword Axe Dist Shield Fish
125 10 10 23 10 10 38 10
Experience Overview
Date Exp
Best Day January 14, 2019 +137,191,908
Worst Day February 03, 2019 -27,572,600
Last Week -- 0
Last Month -- 0
Past 7 Days
Date Exp
Today 0
1 day ago 0
2 days ago 0
3 days ago 0
4 days ago 0
5 days ago 0
6 days ago 0
7 days ago 0
Grizzly Adam's Task Points: 3 Dreamers Challenge Quest
An Interest in Botany A Father's Burden
Against the Spider Cult Annihilator
Barbarian Test Behemoth
Blue Legs Black Knight
Children of the Revolution Demon Helmet
Demon Oak Elemental Spheres Quest
Ferumbras Ascension Fire Axe
Forgotten Knowledge Heart of Destruction
Hot Quisine In Service of Yalahar
Medusa Shield Quest Pits of Inferno
Postman Quest Sam's Old Backpack
Svargrond Arena: Greenhorn Svargrond Arena: Scrapper
Svargrond Arena: Warlord The Ancient Tombs
The Ape City The Hidden City of Beregar: Pythius the Rotten
The Ice Islands The Inquisition
The New Frontier The Queen of the Banshees
The Secret Service The Thieves Guild
The White Raven Monastery The Ultimate Booze
Unnatural Selection Wrath of the Emperor
Vampire Shield Quest Total Quest Completed: 5% (2/40)
Date Victim Type
Feb 1, 03:24 pm
49 days ago
He killed Dzicz Ek at level 256. Participant
Jan 27, 04:17 pm
54 days ago
He killed Ptok at level 195. Last Hit & Most Damage
Jan 23, 02:53 pm
58 days ago
He killed Pink at level 322. Last Hit & Most Damage
Jan 21, 10:10 pm
60 days ago
He killed Gusin at level 663. Last Hit & Most Damage
Jan 15, 12:53 pm
66 days ago
He killed Commedia at level 176. Last Hit & Most Damage
Date Description
Feb 3, 11:51 am
47 days ago
died at level 697 by Tej Parker
Jan 23, 12:15 pm
58 days ago
died at level 634 by a deepling spellsinger, a outburst, a spark of destruction, a deepling elite and a lost time
Jan 22, 06:23 pm
59 days ago
died at level 619 by Destabalized Ferumbras
Jan 22, 05:55 pm
59 days ago
died at level 620 by a shadow fiend, a Shadow Tentacle and a Lady Tenebris
Jan 22, 04:54 pm
59 days ago
died at level 616 by a hideous fungus, a humorless fungus and a humongous fungus
Jan 16, 11:45 am
65 days ago
died at level 523 by a rift invader, an enthralled demon and Ascending Ferumbras
Jan 14, 01:10 pm
67 days ago
died at level 450 by a deepling spellsinger, Obujos, a deepling warrior and a deepling elite
Jan 13, 12:40 pm
68 days ago
died at level 438 by a demon outcast, Gaz'Haragoth, Lilly and a plaguesmith
Jan 12, 12:36 pm
69 days ago
died at level 374 by a eradicator and a spark of destruction
Jan 12, 12:36 pm
69 days ago
died at level 375 by a eradicator