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Middle Earth OTS - EU

Online since Saturday Feb 1st, 2018

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World Information

Status: Online
Players Online: 58 Players Online
Online Record: 189 players
Era Start Date: Feb 16, 2018
Location: Europe
PvP Type: Open PvP

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Players Online

Name   [sort] Level   [sort] Vocation   [sort] VIP
us Airtreakl 307 Elder Druid NO
us Alums 214 Royal Paladin NO
us Arrow 84 Master Sorcerer VIP
vn Bossen Bre 1303 Master Sorcerer VIP
us Bulgurtor 311 Elite Knight NO
us Cracatau 980 Master Sorcerer VIP
vn Dark Oscuro 122 Royal Paladin VIP
us Demonhunter 175 Elite Knight VIP
vn Desert Eight 737 Elite Knight VIP
us Don Juan Frescobar 362 Elite Knight VIP
us Don Manu Frescobar 130 Master Sorcerer NO
us Don Pablo Frescobar 344 Elder Druid VIP
us Dymek Zabijaka 344 Royal Paladin VIP
vn Ekspert 585 Royal Paladin VIP
unknown El Malaya 1063 Master Sorcerer NO
us Elite Atty 694 Elite Knight VIP
de Elite Tank 410 Elite Knight VIP
eu Erazer 703 Royal Paladin VIP
de Grazhul 1082 Master Sorcerer VIP
us Grzybica Jaj 293 Elite Knight NO
vn Gudmary 228 Elder Druid VIP
us Henrisen The Singer 828 Elite Knight VIP
vn Ichiiku Ichimoku 155 Royal Paladin VIP
us Imprez 297 Elite Knight VIP
vn Kaburras 340 Master Sorcerer NO
us King Xirus 955 Royal Paladin NO
us Knight 566 Elite Knight NO
us Lance Alot 509 Elite Knight VIP
pl Lilly 2662 Elite Knight VIP
us Lord Goku 613 Elite Knight VIP
us Lord Pall 143 Royal Paladin VIP
us Lorn Egg 122 Royal Paladin VIP
us Lorn Qurei 121 Elite Knight VIP
us Marian 257 Royal Paladin NO
us Muerte 59 Elite Knight VIP
unknown Ozmeck 100 None NO
us Pryk 58 Elite Knight VIP
us Rikki The Blocker 316 Elite Knight VIP
us Royalq 488 Royal Paladin NO
us Royalus Palladinos 202 Royal Paladin VIP
us Samaelscorps 30 Elder Druid VIP
vn Sans Paladin 320 Royal Paladin VIP
us Sasklacz 174 Master Sorcerer VIP
vn Shinigami Sama 288 Elite Knight VIP
us Shinobi 640 Royal Paladin VIP
us Shoon Doku 312 Elite Knight VIP
us Sir Masakia 106 Elite Knight VIP
vn Solo Warman 569 Royal Paladin NO
pl Stricins 1553 Elite Knight VIP
pl Sundor 520 Elder Druid NO
GB Tanky Funky Kmx 275 Elite Knight NO
vn The Last Minute 254 Elite Knight VIP
eu The Royal Pally 135 Royal Paladin VIP
pl Visaarq 389 Royal Paladin VIP
vn Xefuuron 715 Elder Druid VIP
pl Xirus 2423 Master Sorcerer VIP
vn Zedlex 1036 Master Sorcerer VIP
us Zelda 352 Royal Paladin NO