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Middle Earth OTS - EU

Online since Saturday Feb 1st, 2018

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World Information

Status: Online
Players Online: 60 Players Online
Online Record: 189 players
Era Start Date: Feb 16, 2018
Location: Europe
PvP Type: Open PvP

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Players Online

Name   [sort] Level   [sort] Vocation   [sort] VIP
us Airtreakl 369 Elder Druid NO
us Amadeussz 27 Royal Paladin VIP
us Anaeth 337 Elite Knight VIP
de Apocalypto 1405 Royal Paladin VIP
us Baleli 20 Elite Knight VIP
pl Basuka 1080 Elder Druid NO
vn Bossen Bre 1347 Master Sorcerer VIP
br Ciel 242 Royal Paladin NO
us Cracatau 1032 Master Sorcerer VIP
us Cracaz 544 Elite Knight NO
vn Dark Oscuro 210 Royal Paladin VIP
vn Desert Eight 782 Elite Knight VIP
us Don Juan Frescobar 430 Elite Knight VIP
us Dr Joint 139 Elite Knight VIP
us Dymek Zabijaka 384 Royal Paladin NO
vn Eazzyl 113 Elder Druid VIP
vn Ekspert 587 Royal Paladin NO
us El Ayuwoki 232 Elder Druid NO
unknown El Malaya 1072 Master Sorcerer NO
vn Eldian 233 Elite Knight NO
us Elite Atty 733 Elite Knight VIP
eu Elrond 467 Master Sorcerer NO
pl Elvis murr 817 Royal Paladin VIP
us Ephesus 338 Elite Knight VIP
eu Erazer 731 Royal Paladin VIP
vn Exeta Res 213 Elite Knight VIP
eu Exoo 148 Elite Knight VIP
eu Grabb 389 Elder Druid VIP
us Henrisen The Singer 859 Elite Knight VIP
vn Ichimoku Cloud 122 Elder Druid VIP
us Imprez 347 Elite Knight NO
us Janusz Korwin Mikke 223 Master Sorcerer NO
us Karoshi 331 Royal Paladin VIP
us King Xirus 958 Royal Paladin NO
us Knight 615 Elite Knight NO
vn Krack 134 Royal Paladin NO
vn Kuktas 281 Elite Knight VIP
pl Lilly 2712 Elite Knight VIP
us Lord Goku 621 Elite Knight VIP
se Lorn Qurei 218 Elite Knight VIP
us Lucky Shilla 52 Elder Druid VIP
vn Manwe 822 Royal Paladin NO
eu Master Fabian 477 Master Sorcerer VIP
us Monsteer 51 Elite Knight VIP
us Mosca Formigant 20 Royal Paladin VIP
us Pit Bull 34 Elite Knight VIP
us Rikki The Blocker 369 Elite Knight VIP
us Royalq 540 Royal Paladin NO
vn Shinigami Sama 339 Elite Knight VIP
us Shinobi 734 Royal Paladin VIP
vn Solo Warman 611 Royal Paladin NO
pl Stricins 1603 Elite Knight VIP
us Theon Ignus 319 Elite Knight VIP
us Treningowiec 170 Royal Paladin VIP
pl Visaarq 445 Royal Paladin VIP
vn Xefuuron 726 Elder Druid NO
pl Xirus 2428 Master Sorcerer VIP
us Yazuri Yamilet 1293 Royal Paladin NO
af Yerix 1190 Elder Druid NO
vn Zedlex 1090 Master Sorcerer VIP