Server Migration
  • Server has been moved to a stronger, faster, better dedicated server.
Godric Bot:
  • Lot's of new talkactions to make life easier. Just type !bot to view them!
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed error in which players were getting debugged by testing mounts on creature outfits.
  • Improved functioning of Warzone 2 so that you no longer have to wait if the room is clear even if the crystals were broken recently.
  • Many minor fixes/tweaks
Boosted Spawns:
Store Update:
Reduced the price of Double XP Doll from 25 coins to 15 coins
As compensation for the recent server issues of the past 24 hours we have given another 5 days of VIP to all accounts. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!
It is now possible to face Grand Master Oberon.
GodricBot Updates:
  • Added possiblity to save 3 attack settings
  • Added Auto Sio for druids
Auto-Loot Updates:
  • Now all loot will go into your Loot Bag, which is located in your store inbox
Shop Updates:
  • Every donation option now includes bonus packages as a special thanks to all those who support us
Other Updates:
  • Improved the elemental damage of imbued weapons and their mana/health leeching
  • Reduced physical resistance of Falcon Bosses
  • Added feature to improve Modal Windows functioning
House decoration furniture/items have been moved to the Gold Nugget store.
Decreased the HP of Warzone 4, 5, and 6 bosses, should be much easier for smaller groups and solo hunts.

Added an item forger anvil in Thaid Depot.
The goal behind that is to help newer players see what they can do with tokens and nuggets and also how to create umbral items.
Falcon Mini Bosses have been added. You can check when they spawn on the Raids Page.

You can loot falcon set (lvl 300+) items from them.

Grand Master Oberon coming soon.
Added tasks to Grizzly Adams for Warzones 4/5/6 and Falcons.
Falcon Bastion has been added, it can be accessed via the Shortcut TPs -> High Level Spawns
The bosses will be coming soon as well.
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