Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Create an account.
  2. Download the client.
  3. Now just login and have fun!
Middlearth OT prides itself on having a real tibia map. However, we do have custom content such as:
  • Bosses: Most Bosses are edited to be stronger and have more experience. (Quest Bosses & Raid Bosses)
  • Fast Transportation: So you can get to where you are going faster.
  • Custom Market: Allows you to trade almost any item for another item. Not just limited to gold coins like the regular market (in your depot).
  • Character Market: Players are able to buy and sell characters between each other in exchange for coins.
  • Events: Survival, Rift, Zombie, LMS, Snowball Fight, Musical Chairs
  • Games: Snake & Archery (A middle earth original)
  • Anti AFk System: To prevent players from botting AFK too long
  • GodricBot: A in-game bot to help manual players. (use the command !bot)
  • Equipment: Some items are edited to make them worthwhile in obtaining (eg. Ferumbras Amulet, Silver Token Armors)
  • Rookgaard: Rookgaard has custom spawns, depots, and houses!
    PvP is also enabled on rook!
    Rookguardians can wear any eq regardless of vocation requirements.
  1. Log in.
  2. Go to the Guilds page and click Create Guild
If you've been invited to a guild you can join this guild via the same page, just find your guild and accept.
Middlearth OT's custom bot can be accessed by typing !bot in-game.
The bot mainly features auto-loot, auto-heal, auto-mana and auto-attack functions.
By typing !commands in-game, you can see a full list of all commands available.
Other than casual solo / team hunting:
  • Bosses are edited to be stronger and have more experience. (Quest Bosses & Raid Bosses))
  • Survival Event & Rift event (type !event to see upcoming events)
  • Be sure to always take a Grizzly Adams Task before you go solo/team hunting mobs! He gives nice exp rewards for completion!

  • Imbuing: 100 are needed for Ultimate, Legendary, & Godlike Imbuements
  • Gold Nugget Shop: At this shop you can buy many things such as outfits, mounts, XP booster, prey re-rolls, and much more.
    To open the shop just "use" a gold nugget in your back pack or speak to the [Gold Nugget Shop] NPC on the 2nd floor of Thais Depot.
  • Events
  • Bosses

To buy an empty house just stand infront of the door, facing it, and say !buyhouse
You can leave your house by standing in your house and type !leavehouse
You can sell your house with the command !sellhouse PLAYER_NAME.
eg. !sellhouse Godric

This will open a trade-window where you can safely make a trade.

You can sell your items by using the following command in-game: !market.
To actually sell an item, you can use the following command: !market sell, (Item count you want to sell),(what you wish to receive for it).
Make sure the item you want to sell is in your first backpack slot.
You can sell any character which is above level 300. The minimum selling price is 10 shop points. To sell your character, simply login to your account on the website, navigate to the character market and click on sell. From there on, you can choose which character to sell and for how much. Characters you put for sale cannot be used unless you withdraw them from the character market.

You can train offline in a bed or at any vocation statue.
There are some located on the 2nd floor of Thais temple.
Yes, your character will stay online. When your soul points run out you will be kicked from trainers.
  • 5 min/soul point for free account players
  • 10 min/soul point for VIP account players
Yes you will regain stamina in trainers.
Below 40 hours = 1 stamina / 1 min
Above 40 hours = 1 stamina / 3 min

Middlearth OT offers a wide variety of events: Musical Chairs, Snowball Fight, Zombies, Survival, Last Man Standing and more! Any suggestions for events are always welcome.
You can find the event teleporter in Thais depot. An announcement will be made to clarify which event will start. You have five minutes to enter the event teleport.
In terms of leveling you will be delighted by Survival and Rift event.
Type the command !event in-game to view the upcoming events.

Yes, 3rd party bots are allowed. However, we do have an Anti-AFK system to prevent people from AFK botting for too long.
No you are not. If you are caught with MC you will be put into our MC Abusers list which is an automated system to stop the damage from your MCs.
No you are not. 95% of the population plays fair. If we have to lose 5% because they prefer to use MC to help them we are fine with them leaving. We are trying to create a fair environment.
As long as they are not working together.
Eg. One MC is making money at spawn X and another MC is hunting some where else at spawn Y. (this is okay)
Eg. MC Players hunting together all at one spawn. (this is NOT okay)
Eg. Knight brought as MC to be blocker. (this is NOT okay in normal situations, if for some reason you can not find a knight then it is okay only for very strong bosses like Gaz/Omrafir, in which a whole community can benefit)